Grand Rapids Novi Sad Aquatics

5 Reasons to join the GRNSA Swim Team

Grand Rapids Novi Sad Aquatics (GRNSA) is a new swim team in the Grand Rapids area, founded in 2010. In our short existence we have already had great results bringing many of our competitive swimmers to a Michigan State level.

GRNSA offers many levels for the beginning swimmers age 6 and up to our highly competitive swim team. We cannot name them all, but please find a few reasons below why we think you should consider GRNSA!
  • Year-round practice schedule: we are the only team in the Grand Rapids area to offer this!
  • Experienced coaching staff: Highly qualified and passionate coaching staff with a head coach (Mio Vasic) who developed national team members and olympic trial qualifiers.
  • Fast-track swim lessons: for ages 6 and up. Twice a week schedule with on-going progression (not a short six or eight week program as offered at most places).
  • Value for money: GRNSA offers its high quality coaching for the lowest rate per hour in the Grand Rapids area.
  • Highly Competitive: GRNSA knows one of the highest ratios when it comes to the percentage of swimmers that make it to the MI State level.
We would love to tell you more about GRNSA, what we stand for and any practical information you would like to have. Please fill out the form on the right or contact us at (616) 885-6619. We also have many parent ambassadors that would love to give you their honest opinion about GRNSA if you would like to talk from parent to parent and we would be happy to get you in contact with some.

We truly look forward to talking to you and set up a personal visit to our swimming facilities!

Parent Testimonial

...and I wanted to let you know that we could not be any happier with the coaching at GRNSA. All coaches give him lots of feedback every practice, which is just what he needs. We also like the fact that GRNSA already teaches ALL the strokes right away. In his last swim team they wouldn't teach the butterfly and breast stroke until a later stage. Aside from his swimming we have also found the parent community very welcoming. Thanks Mio!

Patrick L.


Parent Testimonial

We really like the fact that she can learn to swim here and progress to competitive swimming without having to switch teams or even the pool. It is fun to see some different ages swim together as well since you arrange the groups by ability and not by age.

Alicia G.