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Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Phone: (616) 634-2044
Fax: (616) 365-9254
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Grand Rapids Aquatics (GR) is a collective group of swimmers, coaches, and parents who have found swimming to be an excellent venue for teaching important life skills and values.  These skills and values will help our swimmers to become positive, confident productive members of the community.

It is our primary goal to teach our young people to swim, to develop a love for the sport, and to reach their potential both as swimmers and young adults.  It is the struggle to achieve ones best that enables us to learn important lessons both in and out of the pool that makes the effort worthwhile.

Often individuals will be asked to give of themselves for the team or other members on the team.  A team of selfless people, working together will allow for the entire organization to achieve higher levels than any single individual could achieve alone.

“Swimming…it is the journey…not the destination”