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Group Lessons Level Structure

Level 1

At this level in our swim lesson program students learn to float on their front and back, learn to blow bubbles, get their face wet, learn how to kick their feet, and generally become comfortable in the water. Students learn to be safe in the water and also learn how to enter and exit the pool properly. Students need to be able to float on their front and back, unaided, and kick with a kickboard, unaided, before moving on to Level 2.

Level 2
In the next step of our learn to swim program students move to kicking on their front and with and without a kickboard. Students will begin to learn the fundamental arm strokes with the assistance of the instructor. Students learn to: manage breath control, use freestyle arm strokes and flutter kicking techniques. They will to use their arms and will begin to swim, unsupported, across the pool. Students will also become familiar with bilateral (side) breathing. Upon completing these skills, students will advance to Level 3.

Level 3
Students at this level in our swim lesson program will start to use the correct arm strokes for freestyle and backstroke, including the proper sideways (bilateral) breathing technique for freestyle. Students will start to coordinate their arms and legs with proper breathing. Students will also be introduced to the breaststroke kick on their back. Upon completing freestyle and backstroke swimming techniques, students will advance to the next level.

Level 4
Swim students at Level 4 are refining the skills they have learned in previous three levels. Students will improve their backstroke, and should be able to swim full lengths of the pool in each of these strokes. In addition, students will continue to work on the breaststroke kick, adding the arm strokes. Also, at this level students are introduced to the butterfly kick on their front and back. Upon mastering these skills, students will advance to Level 5—The GR Swim Stroke School.

Meet the GR Learn-to-Swim Staff
Grand Rapids Aquatics' swim lessons teachers all have competitive swimming backgrounds and have been trained to teach all skills within the GR Learn-to-Swim curriculum.  The GR Learn-to-Swim school has been approved by the USA Swimming Foundation and is a certified partner program of the Make-a-Splash initiative.